Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Is there a Doctor in the house?

Yes! … almost :-))

Sarah in Lab

After five years of hard work, sacrifices, triumphs, disappointments, tears and breakthroughs (and Sarah hasn’t had it easy either!) our daughter has been advised by letter  that “the award of the degree of Doctor of Philosophy has been approved” by her university.Top.bmp

We’re so proud of Sarah, and hope that her research into the adaptive immune response of phascolarctos cinereus (the koala) will help preserve our native population of these cute little fellows. Sare with KoalaWe’re just waiting for the graduation ceremony, sometime in the next few months.

Such excitement!     How much can a koala bear!  **

[**Now before all my incredibly astute blog readers rush to point out that the koala is not, in fact, a bear … I know this.  Please humour me. I just couldn’t resist the pun, in memory of my dear father who was the master of the “Dad joke”**]


  1. Oh Di! That's fantastic news! You must be so proud (and rightfully so!)

  2. How wonderful - congratulations to Sarah!

  3. Great stuff! Congrats to Sarah!

  4. Oh goody, goody! It IS really exciting! And how proud you must be - rightly so! I'm happy for all of you to have this happiness in your lives now. You deserve it.

    And Sarah is a doll, just like her mum.

  5. I think a Koala could 'bear' an enormous amount if it was being administered to by Sarah :-) Congratulations to Sarah and you all, looking forward to the Graduation photos!

  6. Absolutely wonderful news...congrats to her parents and indeed easy task...

  7. How proud you must al be, and quite rightly, that's the best news. Absolutely thrille for Sarah and wish her every success & happiness. XXX (other) Di


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