Sunday, November 21, 2010

Kaffe Cabins

By now you probably know I have friends who make seriously beautiful quilts. Seriously beautiful.

Like this snowball quilt Beryl made earlier this year.IMG_7426 Being a sucker for a good scrappy quilt I loved her use of florals, and I think the red border fabric, also used in the corners of the blocks, gives it a touch of class.

Today, though, Beryl showed off her latest quilt , and it blew my socks off!!!!!!IMG_8179-1 She calls them houses, but we all felt they looked more like little old-fashioned bathing cabins beside the sea.IMG_8180 What a fabulous way to use your Kaffe Fassett remnants!IMG_8181


  1. Beryl's quilts are gorgeous. The variety and colors of prints in the bath houses are wonderful. I like how she tracks where she is with her quilting. Another tip I heard - literally! - is to safety-pin a bell to your stopping place. A good idea, I think. Thanks for sharing Beryl's work.

  2. The quilts are beautiful. Where did she get that house quilt pattern?Love it!


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