Friday, August 20, 2010

More happy endings

Gail decided that although her Frederika Josephson hexagon quilt  was all but finished it needed a little extra flair.  So she’s added these pretty pieced and scalloped borders to two sides.  Nice!IMG_7522 IMG_7526 Gail’s new project is this delicate confection featuring the palest pink roses on an ivory background.IMG_7523 Fresh from taking in the “wagga” display at the Hunters Hill Quilt Show last week we were pleased to see that Lynne was on the home stretch with hers, stitching the binding on today.IMG_7515 IMG_7513I’ve hand quilted half my Candied Hexagon quilt.  Gosh, I’ll be pleased to have this one finished and put to good use as a TV rug.  I’m not at all sure I like it any more.IMG_7528 Anne’s beautifully planned Frederika Josephson quilt is almost there!  IMG_7530 Don’t you just love her fussy cutting?IMG_7533

Finally, Jill spent the day designing and embroidering a label for the first  quilt she ever made – and yes, there is a story behind the quilt’s name :-))IMG_7553


  1. Robbie's quilt is stunning. So is Gail's with the happy surprise border. And Di, I absolutely adore your Candied Hexagons. It looks scrumptious! I just don't believe you are not happy with it.

    Thank you for sharing. All of you put me to shame with your excessive productivity. I think I'd better head to my sewing room!

  2. They are all beautiful! How could you not love your Candied Hexagons, Di? It's so gorgeous!

  3. You could always sell it! *grin grin*

  4. How could you not love your Candied Hexagons? It is STUNNING Di! Put it in the cupboard for a few months, then take it out again. You've just become bored with it.
    Am loving Anne's quilt too - it is so, so pretty.


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