Friday, August 13, 2010

Making an exhibition of myself

Do you remember this quilt?  It’s been quite some time since I’ve given my Roebuck Quilt an airing, but last week I brought it out for a small sewing exhibition at my club. 

While I was there as a hostess I was able to make some progress with the hand-quilting and it caused lots of interest with visitors who were curious to see how it was done.IMG_7403 The rest of the time it was displayed as a work-in-progress, with a small photo of the original quilt made by Lizzie and Margaret Roebuck in 1861, from Dr Annette Gero’s book.IMG_7384 IMG_7382 IMG_7388 I call this one a slow-burner – don’t expect to see it finished soon :-))


  1. What a great way to promote quilting and your Roebuck is beautiful.
    Did you have any converts?

  2. Whoever took that photo of you captured a perfect moment. With the backdrop of that pink quilt, you look beautiful with your gorgeous smile. That's surely because you're happily doing what you love. It's apparent!

    "Slow burner" indeed! But there's no rush on finishing that pretty quilt. It's simply wonderful, and it deserves patient attention. What a committed endeavor on your part. Keep up the great effort.


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