Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sue Ross Whirligigs, Prickly Pears and other sweet delights (Part 1)

How lucky are we Paddington Patchworkers to have Sue Ross visiting us over 3 months to teach us some of her most graphic quilts?
It’s a measure of Sue’s skill as a teacher that she can simultaneously teach three quilt designs, moving around to each group, instructing and advising, then moving on to the next.   IMG_3511 Gail is making Sue’s Prickly Pear design, an exercise in putting together fabrics in difficult-to-use hues, and after she and Sue had crawled around on the floor swapping and re-swapping blocks, this was the final layout.  IMG_3535 Taking a photo is the perfect way to remember the plan you’ve settled on, once you’ve gone home, walked the dog, cooked dinner, stacked the dishwasher – and then decided to get the sewing machine out again, and you have a “Now, where was I?” moment.
Jan and Di B are tackling the intricately pieced blocks of Strawberry Shortcake, but where Jan is hand-piecing hers -IMG_3526-1-  Di is machining her version (working title “Lemon Cheesecake”!)IMG_3526 Machine stitching calls for an accurate 1/4” stitching line, so once she had drawn around her perspex template, Di used this nifty little gadget to draw a cutting line exactly 1/4” from the first line.  Easy peasy.IMG_3519 I love collecting sewing gizmos!!!  How about you?

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