Friday, April 10, 2009

What I love best about blogging

…is making new friends!


Yesterday fellow blogger Linda (all the way from Iowa in the USA) and I met for the first time in real life when she came for morning tea. Did we hit it off? Well, let’s just say we were still chatting 3 hours later, and could have gone on for longer if the threat of Linda’s having to do battle with the afternoon traffic on the way home had not intruded.

We talked, we took photos, she told me all about her exciting venture, Stitchin’ Mission(TM), and I showed her some of my quilts.

We have so much in common, our love of writing, quilting, and reading – and most of all our Christian faith. I know we are going to be firm friends.

IMG_0232 I have this cute little pincushion, that Linda made for me, to remember our fun day.

(Not everyone you meet on the internet is an axe murderer!)


  1. I am thrilled you were blessed with meeting our friend Linda. We miss her very much and look forward to her return to the States. But I know she is spreading her joy on the other side of the planet through her smiles and her travels.

  2. Every single blog meet I've been to has been wonderful. There are so many lovely people around, and it's lovely to think that we can meet each other through the computer screen and then in real life. Glad you had an equally good time.


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