Friday, April 10, 2009

We won!!!!!

I’m becoming used to Lindi’s endearingly whacky ways, mischievous tricks and warm-hearted actions, but this time she has excelled herself! 

You’ll remember Kellie’s stupendous pre-Easter giveaway of some of her to-die-for appliqueed cushions (the actual cushions, mind you, not the patterns for them).  Well, my sneaky friend Lindi entered too -  and left this comment on Kellie’s blog:

“I love your work, and the cushions are gorgeous! I'd love to win one for myself, but if I do win, please send it to my friend Di (Snippets n scraps). She really really desperately wants to win one!”

Who ever heard of entering a giveaway to win the prize for someone else?

And she won!  And she wants me to have the cushion!!  And she won’t back down!!!  How about that?!?!

Lindi, you are a darling, I thank you from the bottom of my heart, and I want everyone in blogland to know what a generous soul you are, giving up something you loved as much as I do.


  1. Lindi just knows what I now know're a lovely person, inside and out. Thank you Lindi, for recognizing a very special person. I agree with you - Di deserves it! Linda

  2. Oh, Di, you really do deserve it. Thank you for the wonderful comments. They brought a glow to me that couldn't be bettered.
    As my darling hubby has just said "It fills the heart, not the house". And that, to me, is more important.


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