Wednesday, April 1, 2009

...and I'd love to make this spunky cushion too!

But I might not need to.

Ever since I discovered Kellie's blog several months ago I've been in awe of her delightfully whimsical designs. Bright clear colours, crisp white backgrounds, and a generous scattering of machine appliqueed flowers, birds, butterflies and all things pretty in Nature make her cushions, quilts and children's garments a joy to behold. The only thing that has held me back from purchasing a pattern has been the sad realisation that I really do NOT have the time to attempt another project right now.

But if I'm really, really, REALLY lucky I could win an actual, completed cushion quite soon.

Kellie is having a giveaway this week to celebrate the release of her latest pattern, and the giveaway is one of her gorgeous cushions (not just the pattern, as I initially thought). Wow!!! Just look at this.

So pop on over and take a look for yourself. Go ahead and enter the draw too. It's only fair that I share this great news with you, my friends. (But I still have my fingers crossed I'll win.)


  1. Isn't Kellie's work amazing Di? So absolutely fresh and crisp and jaw-dropping.

  2. Thanks Di! Good luck with the giveaway!

  3. You did! youdidyoudidyoudid!!!
    Well, I won but I said in my comment I wanted to give it to you if I won!

    can you tell i'm excited?

  4. SO AM I!!!!!!!!!!! Wow, what a prize!!! What a friend!!!!Thank you, Lindi!!!!!~


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