Monday, March 23, 2009

Monday musings


Still taking things very quietly here, so nothing very exciting to blog about.

However I am…

Feeling blessed…to have generous, caring friends.

Listening …to Maeve Binchy’s “Nights of Rain and Stars” on my iPod, being read ever-so-soothingly by Maeve’s cousin Kate Binchy. Love that Irish accent.

PerusingAudible for the next audiobook I’ll download. So many choices to spend my credits on. Hmmmm…

Wondering…who was important enough to be escorted by around eight police motorcycles and almost as many police cars past my home this morning, and on a return trip this afternoon.

Hand-stitching…scrappy hexagons and appliqueeing them to the final border of the English Quilt.

Looking forward to…my daily hugs and giggles with The Princess after day care, as we watch “Big Barn Farm” and “Charlie and Lola” together.

Hoping…the throbbing, aching pain I’ve been experiencing in my left eye for the last two days doesn’t herald the return of my shingles.



  1. Hello Di,
    Have been fondling fabrics I put aside eons ago for a Jane Austen quilt, and have been thinking of you, as you were kind enough to encourage me way back when....
    Take it easy, and I hope you feel better soon.
    Kind regards,

  2. Kate Binchy does a wonderful job doesn't she, good easy books to listen to as well.
    Keep resting to keep those Shingles away... Thinking of you Di.

  3. Nice hearing from you again. I do hope the pain goes and it's not a recurrence.
    Saying some prayers for you.
    Hugs and hugs

  4. Look after yourself, getting shingles back would not be good.

  5. Thanks for the sidebar link!! I really hope you don't have a shingles recurrence. I've had one experience of shingles, and would never wish it on anyone. take care!


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