Friday, March 6, 2009

The golden city

Being a good blogger I carry my trusty little digital camera absolutely everywhere I go – even into hospital.  So let me share with you the wonderfully therapeutic view that greeted me every morning from my bed in isolation.

IMG_9790-1 I only needed to open my eyes and turn to the right to see these city skyscrapers bathed in gold, while late afternoon was the time for the trees in the park across the road to be kissed by the setting sun.

IMG_9789 Talk about feeling blessed!


  1. Was sorry to read you have been really poorly but trust you are getting on the mend (not Sewing)
    My Mother had shingles and was quite poorly too.
    Thabk you for your comments.
    Purple & Mauve & lavender also Blue are my favourite colours.
    Thank you once again
    .Take care.

  2. It's not clear whether the photographer or the views are the reason these pictures look so great! But both -the photographer and the views - are wonderful. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  3. Hope your health is improving Di.

    If you check my blog, there's something there that might brighten the day a little.


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