Thursday, March 19, 2009

Heather’s leading the parade!

Over at Heather Bailey’s deliciously zesty-looking blog she’s hosting her second annual March of the Tools (March, get it?).

My favourite has to be a very cool desk item that was actually designed to hold paper clips.  However some very dear friends gave it to me for a Significant Birthday last year with the instruction that I was to use it for my pins.

So here it us (ta daaa) – my very smooth and sophisticated Georg Jensen stainless steel magnetic paper clip quilting pin holder.


Click on the link on my sidebar to see all the other bloggers marching along!


  1. Now that is seriously stylish!

  2. Ooooooh, VERY flash!

  3. ps. Your blog looks lovely and I WILL return. Hope the eye thing is not shingles coming back - OUCH.

  4. Thank you MissyP, you are kind. So glad you found me! The eye thing does not seem to be anything nasty, thank goodness. Once you've had shingles you tend to become a little jittery about these things LOL.


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