Monday, January 19, 2009

Polly the Sock Monkey

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IMG_9534I’ve been temporarily diverted from my quilty endeavours by this little cutie.

A friend has recently had a baby girl so I thought I’d try my hand at making her a sock monkey.  They’re soft and cuddly characters, and those long skinny limbs and tail are perfect for tiny hands to grasp.

Do you like how Polly turned out?

It’s so satisfying seeing a few pieces of fabric gradually turning into a creature, albeit inanimate, in one’s hands.  The very best part is the final touch - stitching the cheeky grin!!!

And if you think you’ve detected the beginnings of an obsession you may be right!


  1. lol It must be a catching craze! I have been surfing to get patterns etc to make some myself. ;)
    Polly looks great - perfectly little girl cheeky!

  2. So let's see your sock monkey, please Lindi? Aren't they addictive?


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