Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Double Delight of a different kind

Bonnie Hunter’s Double Delight Mystery Quilt is gradually taking shape on my sewing table.  I’ve chopped, sliced and diced my fabric, and now I’ve begun to stitch it back together.  Surrounded by tiny piles of tiny blocks created from tiny pieces, I’m at the point of no return!


I’m using up as many of my accumulated fat quarters as I can – but unfortunately adding other unwanted ‘fat quarters’!!!  So yesterday morning, armed with my camera and ipod, I took a brisk walk down to the shore of our glorious harbour.   The sun shone, there was a cooling breeze wafting off the water, and this was my vista…

IMG_9393 IMG_9406 IMG_9397 IMG_9390IMG_9395

And the water was crystal clear…

IMG_9391 What a delight!


  1. Double Delight is looking great Di, I think you have skipped ahead of me now. Your pictures are also just lovely.

  2. Lynda, did you also notice that I've 'cheated' and skipped Block 1B and gone straight to the prettier and more interesting 9 patches? So I'm probably no further ahead really LOL. And I still have lots of trimming to do on my 1A blocks. It's quite labour-intensive, isn't it? But definitely worth it in the end (I hope!)


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