Wednesday, January 14, 2009

… or who!

We love our weekly “Location, Location” and “Relocation, Relocation” on Lifestyle TV (or as they are known in our house, “Kirsty and Phil”) so you can imagine how excited I was to look up and see Phil Spencer himself being filmed poolside at the house next door to where I was sitting - against a spectacular Sydney Harbour backdrop that will have every English viewer gasping with delight when whatever-it-is is broadcast in the UK. IMG_9421       IMG_9423 Now, the question is – why were they filming here in Sydney?


  1. Ooooh curious! Did you work it out?
    LOL...Hey Happy New year!
    Love your new header :D
    Thanks for stopping by my blog..I enjoy your visits.
    Have a great day :c)
    hugs to you and God Bless,
    Robyn xx

  2. Hi thanks for visiting my blog and entering the giveaway . Nice to meet another cricket fan .
    Clares Craftroom

  3. Robyn, I googled and googled but could find no inkling as to why Phil was there. I guess we'll find out in time because I'm sure the Lifestyle Channel will show whatever it was they were filming.


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