Saturday, September 29, 2007

Scatterday W - Week 6

Scatterday Week 6
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This one really had me thinking.....but I've managed to come up with a few items.

Black Things - There it was, right in front of me - my wireless internet modem!

Tool - Wire brush, a tool a conscientious painter might use to prepare a surface for painting. I hate preparation when I need to paint.

Game - Whac-a-Mole! I've never seen it before either. According to the box players bop a mole on the head as he emerges from his hole in the ground. Seems like a good way to take out one's frustration, doesn't it?!? I could have also shown you photos of "Wizardology" and "Where's Tinkerbell?" - but this looked more fun!

For these last two items I prowled the hardware and toy departments of my local K Mart store, mobile camera phone in hand, and snapped my photos when no-one was looking in case someone bailed me up wanting an explanation for my weird behaviour.


  1. Great ideas, I forget I have a camera on my phone - but first I have to learn how to use it all. Maybe I could make that part of my challenge?

  2. Whack a Mole!!! Jackson and Charlie have this game... why didn't Nerys remind me when I asked her for some ideas?? Just checked my Wireless Modem and it's navy LOL Pennie

  3. Good job taking a photo in a shop! It's amazing how many different games there are that start with W.

  4. The phantom photo snappers have struck again. We are like a secret society and any day now a story will appear in Column 8 from some vexed party who cannot fathom the elusive reasons for the weird photo snapping. Well done this week Di - a woman after my own heart.


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