Saturday, September 22, 2007

Scatterday B - Week 5

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Favourite Things - So many things to select from here, both animate and inanimate. Blogging, Books, my Bible, my Baby granddaughter, my DH Boak, my quilting Buddies....... Call me shallow, but I chose Bolts of fabric just because they made a pretty picture!

Big Things - This is the big Block of units that looms over the back garden of our lovely 168 year old sandstone rectory. Makes scampering to the clothesline in one's nightie rather difficult!

Shop - Borders bookshop, where I can buy books, my quilting magazines, audiobooks, and enjoy a great coffee. What else could one want?


  1. Good gracious me - so many B's in your life. Good choices though. Love the bolts of fabric! Never even crossed my mind and I'm sure I have a few here!

  2. My golly gosh goodness me are those Bolts of fabric in your stash Di?? Not sure I like the Block of Flats much but I do like Borders. cheers Pennie

  3. Bolts in your stash - sigh - mine only runs to a metre or so of fabrics.

    Have to agree with Borders, though I have to go 35kms to find one.

  4. Alas, Liz, the bolts belong to Spotlight. I snuck in and snapped them on the sly yesterday afternoon! My stash is big - but I don't have any bolts. However, if all my fabric was laid end to end ........


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