Friday, September 28, 2007

Presentation Night

It's taken eighteen months of dedicated stitching (with just a smattering of "naughty sailor words" when the going became tough) for Moo to create this magnificent cushion to pad the rector's seat in our church. And Boak, as the current rector, gets to have his seat padded first. He looks pleased, doesn't he?

The focal point of the cushion, slightly modified from an original design by artist Angela Lober, is a stylised winged lion, symbol of the evangelist St Mark, set within a diamond, and Moo has well and truly risen to the challenge and made her stitches in the scarlet background so beautifully even, as only an experienced tapestry worker can do.

The presentation took place at a glittering "night of nights" - actually an intimate and relaxed dinner for seven at Edwina's place - and grins and cameras flashed as the long-awaited cushion was finally handed over and the project that has consumed so much of Moo's spare time (not that there is much!) was complete.

Well done, Moo! Congratulations!

What fresh challenge can we find to keep Moo out of mischief now, I wonder?

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  1. Moo.....this is such a wonderful achievement!!!!!


    You stitching gals are truly amazing.....if I had a little more time I would join you......Sandie xxxxxx


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