Sunday, March 5, 2017

Going to all the places - Walt Disney's Epcot

My holiday so far is best described as "incredible one day, amazing the next" as trip planner extraordinaire, Linda, leads me on new adventures every day. Our day at Epcot was a highlight (among many!) of my first week here.

Like umpteen quilters before us, I'm sure, we quickly spotted the design possibilities in that huge Epcot ball!

Spaceship Earth took us on a ride into the future.


Then we went through Advanced Space Training (passed up the weightlessness experience!), and through the magic of flight simulation, we blasted off into outer space and piloted our rocket to Mars and back. It was amazingly realistic!


Soarin', however, was our favourite! We were hoisted high and, in a surround sound 3D sensation, 'flown' all over the world! We zoomed over the Great Wall of China and flew under the Sydney Harbour Bridge, dropped in on elephants in Africa and just missed clipping the Eiffel Tower as we whizzed past. A great ride for 'kids' of all ages!

After getting caught in a late afternoon downfall (resulting in my very silly hairdo) we sought refuge in the Disney/Pixar Short Film Festival, a hilarious and ingenious experience with 3D glasses.


We "visited" England, where these minstrels were playing outside the pub.




Italy, and the Doges' Palace in Venice,

And the USA where these singers entertained us and we sat in on An American Adventure, a moving presentation of American history. 


We photographed complete strangers meeting Disney characters... 



We found Nemo, and saw manatee up close!


And we continued, as quilters, to be captivated with that amazing Epcot ball.

By day...


...and by night.

As the sun set slowly in the west... 


... we danced across paving stones that sparkled like stars as we made our way to the exit. 


I really loved our day playing at Epcot, and taking a break from adulting!

 I'll be back soon, after a few more adventures!


  1. Every adult should be a child again sometimes, Di!

  2. What a wonderful and unforgettable journey.

  3. I love Epcot. It is my favorite park! The Flower festival is AWESOME!

  4. One of my favorite places to visit! Glad you had such a fun time. This was a wonderful post to read while enjoying my morning cuppa. I'll just bet Linda is a whirlwind of energy! I'm not so sure I'd be able to keep up with her! XO

  5. Looks like you both are having a simply fabulously fun time!!! So happy for you!!

  6. EPCOT is one of my favorites!

  7. I loved that place when we went. Glad you are having fun

  8. its been so much fun travelling "along" with you and Linda - I almost feel like I'm with you :)


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