Tuesday, February 14, 2017

It's another beautiful day...

... in The Villages, Central Florida, where I'm enjoying the generous hospitality of my friend, Linda Hungerford (http://flourishingpalms.blogspot.com) and her husband, Dan. 

This truly is a picture-perfect part of the world, where the artifice of the built environment, combined with the genuine warmth of The Villages residents, has had me pinching myself with excitement since I arrived here on Friday night after a 30 hour journey. 
We were out early on Saturday morning shopping for fruit and veggies at the markets in the Wild West themed village square of Brownwood, and saying 'Howdy' to the locals. 
Stepping into the Sales office for this part of The Villages is like stepping right into a Western movie, with authentic decor including armchairs upholstered in alligator skin, distressed leather couches, steer heads on the wall and Tiffany glass ceilings.


The entrance to Brownwood is guarded by magnificent bronze cattle.

And look who I found! A bronze pup looking so much like Chester that I had to give him a hug.



  1. Di, you can't say "Howdy" to those Floridians - you have to say "G'day"!

  2. So glad you've arrived safe and Sound, and have already started to enjoy your visit. 30 hours is a long time to travel from one place to another! I know it will be well worth it! Hugs to Linda! XO

  3. So glad you're having such a great time Di.


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