Thursday, May 8, 2014

It's that time again

When the days grow shorter, the mornings are crisp and autumn leaves put on a colourful show.

It's also the time when I get serious about making items for the craft stall at our St Luke's Hospital Rose Bay Committee annual fundraiser. Inspired by Corrie I've been running up lots of these colourful tissue purse packs. 

They make nice 'just because' gifts and even though some of us are still old fashioned enough to use handkerchiefs I like to carry one of these in my handbag too. 

{Tutorial to follow}

Then there's Gerald, waving to make sure I didn't forget to take his photo.

And his tiny friend, Tina the sock teddy.

These two get along very well.

In fact Tina brings out Gerald's softer side. 

Awwww, Gerald is such a SNAG*. 

He relaxes and keeps fit by doing yoga. Look how flexible he is!

Tina Teddy and Gerald Giraffe will have some other friends joining them soon on the St Luke's stall, just hoping some little people will adopt them and love them.

The first week of May has also become a time, in my life, for reflection. 

Boak's birthday and our wedding anniversary are just a few days apart, and both bring back so many memories - but happy ones.


  1. Just love Tina and Gerald - especially fond of Gerald. Tissue purse packs are super too - I think we all like to carry some tissues for those "What if's" Well done, they are wonderful. Yes, it's been a week of memories for you but I am so thrilled you are drawing on the happy memories which are so very special. Another super blog post


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