Sunday, September 22, 2013



Walking Chester in the park yesterday morning I enjoyed the warmth of the sun on my skin, and with it the promise of summer just around the corner.

St Marks Quilters Sept 20132 

The prospect of spending the day ahead with these lovely ladies* from St Mark’s Quilters put a spring in my step too.

St Marks Quilters Sept 2013

St Marks Quilters Sept 20131

…and birthday girls Di B and Sue (below) Birthday cake


* In addition to Kirstin, Perdita, Margaret, and Cath who somehow eluded my camera this time.

As our finished quilts pile up there’s a happy sense of anticipation of the day when they’ll be handed over to the two organisations we support – RPA Hospital’s Newborn Intensive Care Unit and the KU Marcia Burgess Autism Specific Early Learning & Care Centre (known as “The Marcia”).

This month’s finishes make great eye candy!


Three kindy quilts by Barb



Three kindy quilts by Sophie and Susan, who like to work as a team.



A kindy quilt (on the left) by Gillian and a Blanket of Love by Di C



A kindy quilt made by Margaret from a charm pack, and two sweet little Blankets of Love made with hexies that she cut with Paddington Patchworkers’ new Go! Baby cutter.IMG_5908



A kindy quilt by Perdita



A kindy quilt by Susie

You might recall Kirstin’s knitted patchwork quilt, started last year, in softest fine cotton using delicate shades of lemon, green, tangerine and blue.

We had helped her lay out the squares into a pleasing pattern some time ago, then taken a photo of the layout and wrapped each block’s pieces in plastic wrap and numbered them. So even though the project had been put on hold for a little while it was a relatively easy matter for Kirstin to take up where she left off.


Another slow-burner (you know I’m a huge fan of the slow-burner myself!) is this pretty quilt Amanda’s working on. Today she added the first of two borders and I think this yellow is just perfect (being a huge fan of yellow in quilts too!). I can’t wait to see the final border soon.


We’re also eagerly anticipating the induction of our new minister, Michael Jensen, on 10th October. It’s been a whole year since Boak died and with the dedication of a beautiful plaque to his memory in the church on 1st September it’s now time for us to look to the future.


Finally, on a personal note, I’m anticipating two exciting arrivals this week. This little person, my new grandbaby, is due any day now, and I simply can’t wait to meet him/her!


And my daughter, Sarah, is arriving home from the US for a holiday. We’re going to have the best time!


Yes, that is a snake Surprised smile

Red rose Di


  1. Your new park is lovely, I can see why you and Chester like it! Great quilts, too. A new grandbaby, how lovely......a new life. Your daughter is braver than I would be, I don't do snakes!

  2. the park is so pretty with all the plants. Your quilt group looks like fun. Enjoy the family and the new baby - hope all goes well.

  3. So many beautiful pictures... uh, even the snake. (Yick.) It's so pretty where you're living, and I'm glad you're anticipating summer. As always, it's wonderful to see what quilters are sewing at St. Mark's. You all make the prettiest stuff. Happy birthday to our dear Di B. And on a somber note, that plaque is a fitting tribute to Boak. Though I'm thinking I haven't heard the story behind his first or middle name. I knew you had come up on the anniversary of his death, but I couldn't recall the date, even for looking to your older posts. I continue to include you in prayers... for peace, and happiness. Knowing that your grandchild and daughter are arriving soon, must definitely give you a sense of hopeful anticipation. Revel in it, my dear.

    1. I'm so happy for your new arrivals...spring, baby, daughter. (For your sake, I hope the snake isn't included!!)

  4. Loved looking at all these beautiful quilts - inspirational! I couldn't even choose a favourite as they are all so lovely. How wonderful that you are going to meet your new grandbaby soon. Have fun with your daughter - will she be wearing the 'snake-scarf'?? xCathy


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