Sunday, February 3, 2013

More Photo A Day shots

Day 22 - Corner

Day 22 – Corner

Moo gave me this fun and funky platter as a ‘just because’ gift this week, and I think it looks fabulous sitting in a corner of my kitchen bench.

Day 23 - Electric

Day 23 – Electric

Three chargers lined up for my Apple devices – iPod, iPad and iPhone.

I’m such an Apple ‘tragic’ LOL.

Day 24 - Stripes

Day 24 – Stripes

A sneaky peek at my entry in the “It’s All about Me” Blog Hop coming up in a few weeks’ time on Sew We Quilt.

It’s only a little piece, but it should give you a giggle. It will be my turn to reveal all (so to speak!) on Tuesday 19 February.

Day 25 - Landscape

Day 25 – Landscape

Apologies for the low resolution of this landscape, the peaceful memorial garden behind St Mark’s shown here in the jacaranda blooming season (November).

Day 26 - Together

Day 26 – Together

This is one of my all-time favourite shots of Mr J who insisted on helping his Daddy with the wheelbarrow.

Father and son working together. Bless them!

Day 27 - Sun

Day 27 – Sun

It was fortunate indeed that I snapped this one on Australia Day, the previous day, since Sydney woke to torrential rain on 27 January and the sun steadfastly refused to show itself for 2 more days.

Day 28 - Through - Montemerano

Day 28 – Through

Let’s face it, Italy is a photographer’s paradise.

I took this photo of houses seen through an archway when we were in Montemerano a few years ago, and I love it.

I’ll be back with more soon.

Red rose Di


  1. Lovely photos, Di. Love the platter. I have a similar photo of Older Grandson helping the paramedic push the stretcher when mum twisted her ankle in December!

  2. Love the would make a great quilt design!

  3. Wow Di - you are a very accomplished photographer! I especially love the two sunshine photos. blessings, marlene

  4. I love these photos! Sun and Through are particularly lovely. And that plate? Well, let's just say that it would look great in a corner at my house too! I can see a quilt in it, for sure. You take really nice photos.

  5. Great pix this week, Di! You have a great eye! My favs this week are Sun and Through. Great job!!

  6. What a wonderful collection of photos!! It's great seeing the world through your eyes. That platter is fabulous!!! Together is just so gorgeous!


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