Saturday, February 16, 2013

January/February Photo a Day

I’ve been diligently snapping away every day for Fat Mum Slim’s Photo a Day Challenge, and enjoying the focus it gives me to be creative, in just a small way, even when my stitching has to be set aside for more important concerns.

Unfortunately I haven’t been so diligent in posting said photos, so here we go, catching up for the last few days of January and the beginning of February.

Day 29 - Grow

Day 29 – Grow

Day 30 - Down

Day 30 – Down

The sea looks a calm azure blue on a sunny day at The Gap, but this Sydney landmark isn’t famous for its beauty. It’s a sad place where hundreds of people have ended their lives in desperation.

Day 31 - Yourself

Day 31 – Yourself

Day 1 - Fork


Day 1 – Fork

Day 2 - Pattern

Day 2 – Pattern

The pattern of ‘petals’ on my Daisy a Day quilt.

Day 3 - Earrings

Day 3 – Something beginning with E


Day 4 - Hope

Day 4 – Hope

More catching up soon!

Red rose Di


  1. Di, Your photos are so pretty and so are you!

  2. Your red glasses are very flash - love them!

  3. Love the glasses - and what a gorgeous, gorgeous coastal shot!

  4. Hi Di~~You are so beautiful!! I love reading your blog and enjoying your photo's.

  5. Great photos! You made me remember the day Di B took me to The Gap. It's a gorgeous, but haunting, place. The picture of you is very good too. You look SO pretty.

  6. Lovely photos. The Gap looks beautiful in that photo.


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