Wednesday, February 20, 2013

More February Photo a Day Snaps + It’s All About Me Blog Hop Day 2

I’m sticking with Fat Mum Slim’s Photo a Day Challenge, taking a photo every day and posting it on Instagram and Facebook, and posting a weekly digest on my blog.

Day 5 - Something you smelled

Day 5 – Something you smelled

Beautiful lilies in a vase on my hall table.

Day 6 - Soft

Day 6 – Soft

Shredded documents (I filled an entire wheelie bin when I cleaned out my filing cabinet!)

Day 7 - Your name

Day 7 – Your name

Little gold brooch I wore as a baby.

Day 8 - Something Orange

Day 8 – Something Orange

Fabric, of course!

Day 9 - Guilty Pleasure

Day 9 – Guilty pleasure

An ice cold gin and tonic in the garden on a summer evening - with my boy!

Day 10 - 3 o'clock

Day 10 – 3 o’clock (or thereabouts!)

Day 11 - Entrance

Day 11 – Entrance

The entrance to my backyard stables, just a few kilometres from the CBD. Unfortunately the horse has long since bolted Smile.

* * * * *

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  1. All your blog posts are so fun to see and read. Loved your "It's All About Me" quilt. Too darned cute! Lovely photos, especially of that gin and tonic which I would happily have joined in on with you and your boy!

  2. Lovely photos! My once-a-day drink is a mocktail of ginger beer, lime and bitters on ice! Love it! For the rest of the day I drink water with a small serving of juice at breakfast time.


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