Saturday, April 7, 2012

Where have I been? I’ve been partying!

Two of my most favourite (under-6 year old) little people in the whole world have had birthdays recently. Of course I’m speaking about my grandbabies!

Our darling Jack celebrated his very first birthday with lots of friends and family at a picnic in the park, and took his first unsteady steps at walking a couple of days later. So many firsts!


Jack loves books – how could he not love them when both his Mummy and his Daddy work in the book industry? – and he was so excited to open this present from Nana (his great-grandma).

Jack's 1st Birthday

Then our little Princess turned 5 with a birthday lunch and lots of candles to blow out.

Xanna's 5th BirthdayCollage

Where did our baby girl go? She’s quite the grown-up schoolgirl now Smile





  1. Oh my goodness, where has the last year gone to. Baby Jack is no longer, he is a real little man, and so handsome. And then the Princess all grown up and starting school. I bet she loved her 5th birthday party. Lovely snaps; you have every right to be a proud Granny, or Goddy as the case may be. Great to have you up and 'blogging' again - we're missed you

  2. They are both so cute. We grandmothers are a sentimental lot, aren't we?


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