Thursday, April 19, 2012

It's the little things

It's surprising how a tiny gesture like an unexpected gift can make someone's day. In this case, the 'someone' was me, and the thoughtful friend was Di B.

The gift in question was placed in my hands a couple of months ago, just as we were leaving the house on our exciting adventure In the Footsteps of Jesus, and although I haven't actually pointed it out you've seen it a couple of times on my blog.

You might have spotted it peeking out from behind me here in Petra.

And here on a rooftop in Jerusalem.

Even in cold and inclement weather, on long days visiting many sites, clambering over ruins and following exciting paths of discovery a bottle of water can be your best friend - and no one had a prettier water bottle than mine, in its holder handmade by Di B.

The carabiner was perfect for clipping to the belt loops on my jeans, or to my backpack.

Pink Robyn Pandolph flowers? Yep, couldn't have chosen better!

Such a thoughtful little gift, thank you Di!

Another beautiful friend, visiting from Korea, surprised me with these lovelies a couple of weeks ago.

The bright, clear jewel colours are so happy and I can't help but admire the exquisite attention to detail in the zipper pulls and the drawstring knots.

I'm so blessed with my friends!


  1. Really pretty things, for sure. Your friends have you pegged! I wonder how one makes such an exquisite knot. Must be a sort of macrame.

  2. I always say that, too!! It's the little things that count!!

  3. Several years a go I knitted myself a carrier for my water bottle - the handle is way too long but it works if I sling it across my body!


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