Friday, April 20, 2012

‘Rah for Robyn!

My friend Robyn’s a very happy graduate of Linda Hungerford’s Stitchin’ Mission three years ago at St Mark’s Darling Point here in Sydney.

Robyn 2

Linda taught quiltmaking by machine, so I guess you could say Robyn graduated with honours, since she was the only quiltmaker to make her quilt the hard way - entirely by hand - over the 5 weeks of the course.

Robyn 1 (2)

I’m very pleased to say that after a little break Robyn’s back in the quilting fold with St Mark’s Quilters, repeating her hand-stitched successes. This time she has two little Blankets of Love in the pipeline.

This Pretty as a Picture baby quilt is all prepped for hand-quilting.


Robyn’s given a great deal of consideration to the fabrics, and she hopes the dreamy clouds and stars might be comforting reminders to grieving parents that the bub they’ve lost is safely in God’s gentle arms.


Her other work-in-progress is a more playful little boy-quilt, and the bright red quilting thread should really make those cars and trucks pop.


She’s achieved all this in just one month! Where does Robyn’s enthusiasm come from?


For her, it’s not the creative process that gives her most pleasure, though clearly she takes a great deal of care with this.

Rather,Robyn says it’s the thought of where these quilts will go, and the comfort they’ll give, that motivates her.  I’m certain these two little quilts will do just that. 



  1. A rah-rah from me! Robyn, you are remarkable! I love it that you're taking the time to make these quilts by hand. The white and scrappy squares design quilt is gorgeous! What special quilts, for special people, made by a special lady.


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