Saturday, September 4, 2010

She's a winner!

To 24 Stitchin' Mission 'graduates' here at St Mark's, Darling Point, Linda has always been a winner, with her gift for guiding beginners through the basics of quiltmaking, and the natural way she shares her faith as she goes. 

Now it's official!  Linda's Stitchin' Mission attracted a record 2519 votes in the Iowa Dream Big Grow Here contest and she's won $1000! 

With this money she plans to produce a DVD and a manual of her complete 5 lesson beginner quiltmaking course so that Stitchin' Mission can spread beyond the limits of where she can travel.  Soon quilters worldwide will be able to pop in the DVD and learn from Linda.

That's wonderful news for us here in Australia where so many of my quilting friends are waiting to make the picture below (from the final day of St Mark's Stitchin' Mission last year) a reality at their churches.

Congratulations Linda - and a huge 'thank you' to everyone who voted.  You're the best!

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