Friday, September 10, 2010

David Jones Flower Show (1)

This beautiful show, always held in the first 2 weeks of September, has heralded spring for us in Sydney for 25 years.Top.bmp Come on, let’s take a wander around the spectacular displays.IMG_7649IMG_7650 IMG_7658 IMG_7671 IMG_7676


  1. Thanks for those. I used to love the Melbourne one but now I just somehow do not get into the city. They do not have shopping trolleys to lean on in those big stores.....LOL, and I am too proud to try and struggle through the city with a walker. But I should go in one day and just pay a fortune for parking and have a look at city stores once more.

  2. Thank you Di....I am not driving six hours to see it! Went last year and loved it.


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