Sunday, September 26, 2010

I have such creative friends!

Just look at some of their work and be inspired – as I am, constantly.

Here’s a library bag that Gail just whipped up for her little granddaughter.


Pleased with the lion applique  (as she ought to be) Gail has prepped a cute black and white cow for another project.  I think it’s to be a surprise …IMG_7784

Speaking of surprises, this nautical (but nice!) quilt is a gift for someone special too. Di B brought it along to Paddington Quilters for some advice about borders and binding.  Though the dark carpet doesn’t help show this quilt to its best advantage, it’s going to be just stunning, with royal blue borders and a jaunty red and white striped binding.


Sue’s been embroidering delicate orange flowers on diamonds for a few weeks, and she finally brought along the (almost) finished product – a pincushion by Sue Daley of Patchwork with Busyfingers.

IMG_7867  IMG_7866  For now, I’ll finish by showing you Diane’s whimsical applique quilt (I don’t know who the designer is) with ducks that manage to look appealing even before Diane’s added their eyes!IMG_7777 What am I doing? My steady progress on a couple of longstanding projects looks to be paying off at last and I might have a finish or two (and a finished quilt top) to show you before long.

Patience, patience… :-)

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