Sunday, July 11, 2010

They’re unstoppable!

It’s that time again.  The second Saturday of the month, and time for the St Mark’s Quilters to get together for another day of fun and creativity.

Having reached the number of quilts needed for the kindy this year, we’re encouraging our lovely committed quilt-makers to take a little break, learn some new techniques and make something for themselves for a change.  Goodness knows, they’ve earned it.

Moo was being coy about her latest Stitchin’ Mission quilt, a gorgeous Noah’s Ark version in aqua and yellow with frogs and turtles.

IMG_7180IMG_7187Helen, aided by her super new magnifying glasses, stitched row after row of purple sashing to transform a pile of New Life blocks into another brilliant quilt to add to our collection for the KU Marcia Burgess Autism Specific Early Learning and Care Centre.IMG_7200 Ruth is putting her quilt-making skills to work creating a table runner and placemats for Christmas.  With a lot of teamwork we worked out the dimensions and she was able to cut out and get a flying start on putting together her first star block.  Starting in July?  Now that’s what I call smart!IMG_7178 Di C is fast earning the title of Jelly Roll Queen and has plans to turn these strips into a stunning quilt!  IMG_7185 Just for starters she designed and made this super bag to carry her cutting mat and rulers.St Marks' Quilters - June 2010 015Michaela finished this pretty Noah’s Ark quilt with butterflies and a sunshiny combination of pink and yellow.IMG_7188Barb practiced her free-motion machine quilting as she designed and ran up a cover for her machine.  Being a resourceful kinda gal, when she left her quilting gloves at home she simply looked under the sink, fished out these pink rubber kitchen gloves and carried on!IMG_7191Margaret sat serenely hand-stitching the binding on her latest New Life quilt.  I think she enjoys that part of quiltmaking just as much as I do.  Don’t you find this part so relaxing?IMG_7182And just to give us some inspiration, Coral popped in to tell us all about her recent visit to the Victoria & Albert Museum quilt exhibition in London, and to show us some postcards of the quilts.

Meanwhile our two canine mascots – Chester and Matilda – frolicked outside in the garden creating an entertaining diversion.IMG_7195 IMG_7192 Smiles all round!


  1. It sure is good to see dear friends having such a good time together, doing what we all love. It's especially good to know that some of the quilters are doing some things for themselves... as they should! When I think it was just two months ago that I was with you myself, I wonder where the time has gone. Oh how I miss each of you. Blessings on everyone for the great efforts you're making for the kindy.

  2. Well done Di for keeping friends up to date with the progress of our St Mark's Quilters group ... and what fun we really do have. We have lots of giggles, chatting, learning and friendship with the added bonus of our two faithful four legged furry kids romping around and keeping us further amused. Well done with all your super photo's ... and keep up your good work. (the other) Di


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