Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Peeling back the layers (1)

On a recent trip to England my friend Rae was given this beautiful antique quilt. Antique silk quilt1  As you can see, it’s magnificent!  The silk hand-pieced blocks glow on their black background, and many are still in very good condition.Antique silk quilt3Antique silk quilt4Antique silk quilt5But dozens of the tiny pieces are either threadbare or have disintegrated completely.   Antique silk quilt7Antique silk quilt8Antique silk quilt9Antique silk quilt11 So Rae (and her willing friends) faced a dilemma.  Should the quilt be restored?  And if so, how should this be done?

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  1. lovely quilt! I have a quilt in about the same shape. Unfortunately I don't have time to restore it, but yes, I think it should! I even think photographs and documents should be kept along with the quilt. I also think that it is easier to replace the whole block and applique it down than to try to work one piece in it that is tattered. That's when the points don't line up and it looks botched.


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