Saturday, February 20, 2010

Chester’s 6 week check-up

Last Wednesday was a big day for us, and an even bigger day for young Chester. We were to deliver him to Dr David Lidbetter’s surgery at Parramatta by 8.30am ready for sedation and x-rays of his new hip.IMG_3127

He wasn’t too impressed when room service didn’t arrive with his breakfast, but soon brightened up when he saw his car harness. IMG_3140

It was a long trip out to Parramatta, through peak hour traffic, but our boy was very patient, and only heeded a little hand paw-holding when we were nearing our destination.

IMG_3111 IMG_3141

Crunch time (so to speak). We would soon know whether all the hard work by ‘Team Chester’ (and his Papa in particular) had paid off.

[You’ll recall how we met Lacey the golden retriever at Dr David’s 5 weeks ago when she was there for her 6 week x-rays after undergoing her second total hip replacement. Just look how well she’s doing now. Her big golden retriever smile says it all!]

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