Monday, August 4, 2008

I've found a new toy - Scrapblog

I've been asked how I created my new header, so I thought I should share with you a very exciting and potentially addictive website I've found - Scrapblog.

It's not a new website, by the look of things, but wow! I wish I'd found it sooner.

Not only can you create digital scrapbook pages to blog, but you can save them as jpegs giving them so many wider uses. It's free, and there are themed templates or you can simply create your own scrapblog pages from the ground up.

Be warned, though, once you start looking through the thousands of scrapblogs that others have put together you'll lose all sense of time (ask me how I know).

[By the way, in case you're wondering why I've been unusually active in my posting today, it's because I'm in bed 'wid a cod id de dose'. Fortunately I have my Little Red Toy (aka my computer) to cuddle up to! I've done a little blog spring-cleaning and reinstated the naughty Sitemeter that has locked out readers using IE6 or 7 for a day or so. Hope it behaves itself now.]

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