Sunday, May 4, 2008

Scatterday M (with a Marine flavour) - Only 1 week late!

An afternoon spent with my two little godsons at the National Maritime Museum at Darling Harbour last week provided the material for this Scatterday offering - with a little torturing and twisting of the language to make the photos fit requirements!

Our letter is M and the first category is MUSIC

I reckon the chiming of this mariner's clock, the ringing of these marine bells, and the songs on this CD entitled "Mariner" (photographed surreptitiously in the Museum Shop) would all be pretty musical sounds.

The next category is DANGEROUS THINGS

Here you have a selection of dangerous things from the ships - as well as Matthew who tried as hard as he could to look mean and dangerous for my photo! There is a manhole from a submarine (dangerous if left open when submerging), tall masts (dangerous if you had to climb the rigging in a stiff wind on the high seas), machinery, and gun muzzles.

The final category is COLD THINGS.

Here we have marine rations - cold salted pork - which had to last for months on the long journey from England to Australia. And the cold murky waters of Sydney Harbour. Actually they aren't murky at all, but being dark and in the shadow of the ships you couldn't see what lay beneath.
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  1. Excellent M photos Di, can't say I believe Matthew is really dangerous he looks too angelic! LOL


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