Saturday, February 9, 2008

Scatterday I - Week 25

This week our inquiries took us to images illustrating the interesting and intriguing letter I.


The first category was YELLOW...

On our trip to a conference in Italy last year we were entertained in the grand Sala Gione (Yellow Room) of the Palazzo Normannii, the seat of the Sicilian Parliament. So here is a taste of a yellow INTERIOR.
You might also like to see some yellow ITALIAN IMAGES that I took on my travels....

Our second category was AUSTRALIAN...

Here's my intelligent daughter Sarah with an INDIGENOUS animal, a koala. Sarah is an animal geneticist researching chlamydia in koalas for her PhD.

Our final category gave me the most difficulty.


However I found it while I was browsing my Italian trip photos. Can you guess what it is?


On our international flight (something else you would find in the air) as the morning sun was coming over the horizon (somewhere over Greece) I slid up the shutter to see this crystalline cluster on the plane's window.

Why did I photograph such a trivial sight? I must have known that one day this ice - which I found in the air - would save my bacon on Scatterday!


  1. What fabulous photos! Love the yellow fruit around the stone face... is it a little wall fountain?

  2. Saved your bacon - yes it did. Great Italian photos and DD of course. That ice is amazing.

  3. Yes, Dy, it's a little ceramic wall fountain. I thought it looked so opulent dripping with all those summer fruits in their golden yellow hues. Alas, too heavy (and pricey!) to bring home.

  4. I love your photos, Di. The ice on the plane window is brilliant! SOMEONE must have known you'd need it one day.

  5. Fantastic selection of Italian yellows , Di.


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