Wednesday, February 20, 2008

My Roebuck Quilt (3)

At this point there remained only two borders to complete the quilt - a straight strip, and an outside border of hourglass blocks. This would have made the finished quilt approximately 85" x 85". However I wanted to make mine a little larger (the original Roebuck Quilt was 94" x 94").

So I added a strip, then a scrappy border of 4" squares on-point, then another strip of dark cacky green before my hourglass border. I'm thinking I'll probably use that green to bind it too. Unlike the original, I haven't added separator strips between my hourglass blocks, and I've also occasionally included a fussy-cut whole piece of fabric instead of an hourglass block. (Just because...)

It's taken me almost exactly a year to piece (and applique) this quilt, and I've loved every step of the way. I have to confess I quickly lose interest if I have to repeat a pattern, so being able to change fabrics so often meant I was never bored!

Now all I need to do is to hand-quilt it before it can be used on our queen-sized bed.

You have to admire Lizzie and Margaret back in the 1860s on that swaying ship, don't you? No rotary cutters or calculators, and only a ship-board stash to work with.

The Roebuck Quilt has come a long way since then. Kim McLean won the Founders Award at Houston in 2002 (or 2003?) with her version, adapted from the photo of the original quilt she saw in Annette Gero's book, and there are several versions being taught in quilt shops I know of.

This year my quilt buddies and I have started another medallion quilt, quite reminiscent of the Roebuck. One day I'll show you how it's going. Just look what you started, Lizzie and Margaret!


  1. It looks fantastic Di, so much work.

  2. It is STUNNING, Di, thank you so much for showing us! I know it is going to look fantastic in your bedroom (or on 'my' four poster...).
    Congratulations, and love, and hugs,

  3. It's beautiful, Di. Such a labour of love deserves such a wonderful result.
    If you ever get sick of it, I know where you could sell it...

  4. My word verification VBXYQ

    Very Beautiful, Xquisite, Yummy Quilt.

    Just gorgeous, Di. In fact the most beautiful quilt I have seen for a long time. You should be very proud of your achievement.

  5. It's fantastic ... almost makes me want to make one!

  6. Ive just looked at your blog - and all I can say is WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I just love it - do you want my address so you know where to send it to....LOL And I just love the way you have described the journey on your blog Take a bow and well done!!!!

  7. Your description of this wonderful quilt doesn't begin to do justice to what it looks like in person. I was privileged to see it and it's quite simply, fabulous! What a testament you are to perseverence, Di. Won't you share your approach with the rest of us who have too many UFOs?


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