Sunday, January 20, 2008

Scatterday U - Week 22

Scatterday U - Week 22
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This week's Scatterday letter is U, with the categories...

Street -
Here is a photo of Underwood Street, not far from me. If it seems slightly un-composed or out of focus that's probably because it was (as a friend of mine is fond of quoting) a "drive-by shooting". Stopped at the corner, would down the window, and snapped!!! Wonder what the drivers of the cars behind me thought.

Cartoon Character -
I have to admit I Googled "Uncle Scrooge McDuck" to find this photo, not having a stash of comic books in my storeroom (wish I did, they've got to be worth a fortune on eBay!).

Things people pay a lot of money for -
This ultrasound of my precious granddaughter (at 12 weeks' gestation) cost quite a lot of money. If you look carefully you can see that, even though our darling was only 2 inches long (!!!!!!!) she was already sucking her thumb. Don't you just love modern technology that allows us to observe such wonders!


  1. Ultrasound, what a brilliant idea! Aren't ultrasounds wonderful, one of the best things to happen when you're pregnant I reckon.

  2. I wonder if we're creating talk! Who are all these weird people getting around taking photos? They don't look like spies!
    Ultrasound is very clever. Never even thought of it, and I have one of my daughter, that I could have used.


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