Friday, January 25, 2008

Scatterday N - Week 23

Scatterday N - Week 23
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Surprise!!!! I'm early this week. Tomorrow is Australia Day, and I plan to spend it by Sydney Harbour making the most of our wonderful summer weather. I can relax now that my homework's been done, and handed in.

Most of this week's were "drive-by shootings" including one taken out the front window of the car as I hurtled down the Warringah Freeway towards the Sydney Harbour Tunnel.

After a week of angst, in the end the solutions were easy and presented themselves to me in a morning's drive today, so here we go....

Orange -
This orange netting outside a house at Roseville fits the bill perfectly.

Something South American -
Nuts! Brazil nuts, of course!

Things that are good for you that you don't like -
My friend Moo hates thunder storms, and these nimbus clouds are harbingers of rain and, often, thunder storms. The rain they bring is wonderful and life-giving, but the sight of these nimbus clouds is scary for some ... like my dear Moo who has been known to hide under the bed! (Me? I love rain and storms - as long as I'm inside!)

Oh, and if you have your speakers turned on you can probably also hear the delightful Norah Jones who, although beginning with the letter "N", is not nutty (or from South America) or orange, and is definitely good for me - and I love her music!

Have a great Australia Day, dear friends!


  1. Absolutely fabulous. Very clever choices. I cannot believe these South American things that I stupidly never thought of! And I hope you got to hear My DD1 singing that song on my blog. Though it was way back near the first Scatterday.

  2. nicely done. I have a fantastic shot of orange fishing net and I didn't even think of using that.

  3. Nimbus clouds - you are brilliant!

  4. orange netting is a good one!

  5. NUTS!!!!!! now why didn't I think of that????

    Great subjects.


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