Friday, November 2, 2007

Scatterday A - Week 11

A little early because life has a habit of crowding in on me on a Saturday.

Call me anal (many do) but I do like my Scatterday mosaics to look pretty as well as practical (get a life, girl!) . So this week I'm not greatly pleased with the presentation of my photos. Finding a colour for the borders was quite a challenge since I'm not particularly enamoured of the shades in my photos. Oh well, at least I've done it......

Round things was the category that gave me the most food for thought, and I think best when I'm driving. So it wasn't surprising that inspiration came as I was approaching an intersection! The amber traffic light! I quickly turned down a side street, whipped out my camera, and took up my position beneath the traffic light, taking quite a few shots of that little round amber beauty as the lights went through their sequences. Lord knows what the motorists thought I was doing - but then we Scatterdaisies are getting used to bemused glances, aren't we?

Vegetables was an easy one this week because just about every night we've enjoyed wonderful, snappingly fresh asparagus from our local supermarket where it's been selling at a very attractive price. I hadn't realised how reptilian those heads of asparagus can look until I began my photo session. Just how do you 'style' a bunch of asparagus?

Things that I like the smell of made me think a little. I could have taken a photo of my gorgeous and oh-so-sweetly-smelling Crabtree and Evelyn air freshener which I adore and save for when special people are coming to visit - like any of you!!! However I decided instead to present my Anais Anais perfumed body lotion, a gift from a dear friend a while ago, which makes me feel a million dollars.

I'll try to improve my standard of mosaic next week! Dy and Michelle, please be nice to us!


  1. Thank you for going to the trouble of making your Mosaics look 'pretty' for us Di, I for one appreciate your anal-ality :-) Amber light is a beauty - clever you! I'll bet there'll be a lot of Asparagus around today as well. cheers Pennie

  2. your mosaics are great I only wish I knew how to do them

  3. Love it. And there is nothing wrong with your photos. I found this week much harder than I thought, too. I am hoping sincerely that my mother does not look at my blog this week. :)

  4. Hey, snap with the Anais Anais - it's a gorgeous scent isn't it. And I think you've been ever so clever with your round thing!
    And your photos are great, always!

  5. Your daring and diligence at the traffic lights will be an inspiration to many. Great photos and I like the border colour.

  6. Amber traffic light - what a brilliant one, goodness knows how many most of us go through each day!!!

  7. Clever photos! And yes, I'm another asparagus eater.


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