Friday, October 26, 2007

Scatterday J - Week 10

Hmmmm...... The letter J and categories Pointy Things, Restaurants and Sports, eh?

Could our challenge-setters have made our task any more difficult, I wonder?

It never ceases to confound me how, no matter how crowded my week, I can always find time to produce my Scatterday photo mosaic, and this week I've again (only the Lord knows how!) risen to the task.

These pieces of jewellery are rather pointy things - pair of marcasite clips and my Weight Watchers star pin.

Jonah's restaurant at Whale Beach, north of Sydney, was where my step-mother-in-law arranged for the three of us to fly, in a tiny seaplane, for an absolutely outstanding 60th birthday lunch for Boak this year. Here we are, trying not to be too distracted by the spectacular rocks and seascape in the background as we attempt to choose from the menu. I know there's no signage in the photo, so you'll just have to trust me. You do, don't you?

Finally, sport and I share but a nodding acquaintance. However I do own and love these pink-trimmed joggers and you can't tell me they aren't essential equipment for dozens of sporty activities. They may never have been actually used for jogging, but they have pounded the pavements of Rome and Palermo and kept my tootsies comfortable along the way.


  1. Wow you have come up Trumps!! I believe you are at Jonah's, that view is fantastic... and Joggers who'd 'ave thought it!! :-)

  2. You're a clever little cookie aren't you. Very lateral. Is your week like mine - consumed with the acquisition of a photo for some obscure category? I'm already beserk about next week!

  3. Hey, snap on the Joggers (great minds think alike eh). Great idea on the pointy thing too!

  4. All I can say is bring on the letter A

  5. Hello Di. I will vouch for your use of Jonah's - I used to be EA to th owner and know both the decor and the view quite well. :)

    I do hope you had a lovely time there.

    I am back from Apollo Bay today ahnd have yet to look at this week's categories. Breath held and fingers crossed! LOL


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