Saturday, October 20, 2007

Scatterday P - Week 9

Here you go - All three categories wrapped up in one photo!

RED - Alexanne is sporting her favourite red pants.
SWEET THINGS - She's our Princess, of course!
METAL - In her chubby little hands is a Georg Jensen stainless steel pen holder.

Nice, eh?

However, lest you label me lazy, and begin to pelt me with post boxes, poppies, pavlovas, passionfruit, peaches, posts, pipes, and other sundry objects, for not keeping to the rules, here is my mosaic.

RED - An assortment of red packets from my pantry.


METAL - A potato masher.

I'll try to be a good girl next week - but I'm not making any promises!


  1. I thought that was rather clever having all three in the photo with gorgeous Alexanne!

  2. I love your first choice lol I am still trying to master mosiacs


  3. Your little "princess" is beautiful.

  4. Ah you are very clever and I wouldn't have thrown P things at you because I think that little Poppet is very Pretty and Precious and you should be Proud!. What about next week - yikes!

  5. LOL I thought of doing one photo of me for all of this weeks categories then I thought the 'Sweet' Category would be stretching it a bit too far but you certainly win with your little Precious Princess Poppet. Never thought of any of your mosaic choices, why do I feel so dumb when this happens... which it does every Scatterday!! :-) Pennie

  6. I think you are terribly clever coming up with all three categories in the one photo. I spy a box of Twinings English Breakfast tea in your pantry photo - that's my favourite tea!

  7. Oh how clever, one photo for all three. How sweet she is!

    I think this exercise leads to a lot of head slapping and d'ohs, when we see the things we missed! Red Packets, and a potato masher.. Sigh.

  8. All your answers wrapped around Alexanne - well done!!!
    And of course she is wrapped around your little finger too!!!
    Love from one Nanna to another


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