Thursday, August 25, 2016

"Taking Liberties" does it again

Sometimes a blogger just has to seize the day and ignore the fact that she has a gazillion unwritten posts to be written because today's news is just too exciting to wait for the correct chronological order to be observed.

When I pulled this elegantly printed fat envelope out of my letter box this afternoon I knew immediately that it contained my long-awaited copy of the Liberty of London 140th Anniversary commemorative book.

You might have heard my little squeal!

Last year Liberty put out the call worldwide for photos of Liberty memories over the years from 1875 to the present, and projects using their gorgeous fabrics. From these 140 were chosen for inclusion in this book, and my prizewinning quilt, "Taking Liberties", was one of these.

It's in excellent company, with some amazing projects featured, and I feel so honoured to have my humble work appearing alongside such talent.

Here it is, happily occupying the whole of page 46.  And look! Those dear folk at Liberty  have thoughtfully framed it!

And as if that wasn't enough, I'm a cover girl! OK, it's the back cover, and it's only half the quilt, but life's too short to quibble :-)

That little quilt, made from a charm pack of Liberty squares won in an Instagram giveaway from Australian Liberty suppliers Ava & Neve, came together quite quickly, won 3rd prize in the Small Quilt category at the Sydney Quilt Show last year, and has given me the most enormous pleasure ever since. 

It now hangs where I can enjoy those beautiful Liberty prints every day.

I've recently started another quilt using Liberties,  but you'll have to wait till another day when I have more time to tell you about that one...


  1. gorgeous - congratulations in being in a book such as that, it really is a pretty quilt you did a great job with it - such an honor to be included!

  2. Congratulations! What a lovely quilt. To see it published in a book must be really exciting,

  3. Congratulations Di. It is well deserved. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Absolutely wonderful Di, and my huge congratulations!I met you in Sydney, and we did a selfie to show our mutual friend Linda, when you go and visit her. Your face looked only OK. :0)
    Again you must be over the moon!

  5. WOW. This is wonderful,,Congratulations!!!

  6. I'm very sorry that I didn't read this blog post sooner so I could be the first to wish you my sincerest and best congratulations on this huge honor! I know how it feels to be included in a book, so I can guess how this is a big addition to your long "awards list." It's unfortunate that I'm not a fan of Liberty fabrics (they're way too floral for my tastes), but I would never belittle anyone who makes something wonderful from whatever appeals to their tastes. Yay for you, Di! I'm so very proud of you. This only affirms what I already know... whatever you set your hand to turns out fabulously. I'm giving you a standing ovation.


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