Sunday, December 20, 2015

Delightful distractions

I know, I know. Long time, no me!

Life, in all its richness, has temporarily intruded on my blogging time and before I continue I'm going to break the number one rule for bloggers and apologise for the hiatus.

What could possibly have taken my attention all this time? Well, here's the thing.

I've been...

* Admiring Princess 1 when she became the first member of our family to sing on stage at the Sydney Opera House, as part of the huge combined choir performing at the Ryde Schools' Spectacular. I was so proud of her!

* Appreciating the magnificent star jasmine vines and purple jacaranda trees that brighten Sydney at this time of year.

This is our local barbecue area, and general neighbourhood meet-up spot.

I felt very honoured that the City of Sydney chose to share, in its Instagram feed, this photo I took of jacaranda "snow" on a Zetland street.

Tote Park, Zetland.

The Memorial Garden at St Mark's, Darling Point.

* Cultivating my tiny balcony garden, and enjoying the small patches of early summer colour from my bougainvillea, diplodenias, lavender and convolvulus. 

* Photographing some of the dramatic storm fronts that sweep into Sydney at this time of the year. From my balcony I get a spectacular view of the thunderous clouds, and sometimes even a spectacular light show!

* Attending a small 50 year school reunion of Sydney Girls' High leavers. My cohort has never been keen on large, formal reunions (we waited 30 years before we had the one I organised), so there was something warm and comfortable about this meet-up of around sixteen of us for lunch at the Chiswick Restaurant at the Art Gallery.

* Stitching this set of latte coloured mug mates for a friend to give her daughter-in-law.

...and these as Christmas gifts for some friends.

... and these softies for Anglicare's Toys 'n'Tucker Christmas appeal.

... and quietly making progress with the hand quilting on this special quilt I'm finishing on a friend's behalf.

* Finally - and most importantly - I've been treasuring the opportunities I get to spend with my other two grandchildren, Mr J and his new baby sister Princess 2.

More soon!


  1. Sweet! Sounds like you've been having fun and staying very busy!!

  2. Aren't Grandchildren just the best for brightening our lives! And it's fun to see all your projects.

  3. Worth waiting for Di...both the update and that beautiful new baby girl

  4. you have been busy! totally understand your break from blog land. the children are beautiful you must be so pleased and proud of them - children make this time of year extra special also. All sewing - wow, you are busy

  5. Indeed, you have many delights to attract your attention these days! Of course, the grandies are A-#1. What cuties! And it appears you've spent a lot of time with your sewing machine. So many lovelies that you've made for others! - how generous you are. Love your mad photography skills too. The jacaranda are especially pretty. Though I know you're stretched even thinner by having three wee ones nearby, continue to enjoy and appreciate, as I know you are. Happy Christmas planning.

  6. Everything is beautiful, inspiring and flowing with love - goodness Di, just like you!!
    Merry and blessed Christmas. May the presence of our Holy Lord flood your home and heart with even more delights. xxxxxx

  7. You've had a busy time of it! So much beauty and excitement in your life, Di. Your balcony garden is absolutely beautiful too.


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