Tuesday, July 8, 2014


How blessed am I? I've been spoiled with some pretty special gifts recently.

My friend Di B recently surprised me with this cute Edith Bag she made from pretend selvedge fabric. She knows what a selvedge 'tragic' I am😊

It was designed by Edith Bieri of QuiltsUndMehr and you can find a tutorial to make your own here on Linda Hungerford's blog

I love 'just because' gifts. Especially when they're as pretty as this. Thank you, Di.

Not a personal gift, but a couple of months ago Anorina, Samelia's Mum offered to give these pretty little items on Facebook to the first Follower who could identify what they were. Can you guess?

Yes, they're holders for grasping hot saucepan handles! I guessed correctly, and I now these humble little items grace my kitchen bench and make me smile me every day. Thank you, Anorina, I love Flower Sugar 😊

Most recently my young friend, artist Jo Chew, ink-painted this amazing picture of my darling Chester and gave it to me the week he turned 5.

She's totally captured his shiny black coat in this typical Chester pose, and I'm as much in love with her exquisite painting as I am with the real Chester. Thank you, Jo.

Finally, I was just a bit excited when our local real estate agents, Martin Property, approached me a few weeks ago and asked if they could feature me in our neighborhood magazine as Local of the Month for July. 

It took me a whole nanosecond to think about it!

I've never been called a 'superstar' before, but I could get used to it😄.

I am indeed a passionate 'Zetlander'. Every day is a gift living here, and I'm so grateful to God that Chester and I are part of such a friendly neighborhood.


  1. What a lovely write-up! Definitely sounds like the Di I know. Lovely gifts too......who would have thought you can now buy selvedge fabric? Isn't that a wonderful portrait of Chester - it really captures him.

  2. what a nice write up about you! great photo too

  3. Huh? Selvage fabric!! What will they think of next?? I just love the article, Di. Congratulations on your superstar status!!

  4. Lots of fabulous gifts!! Well done guessing what Anorina's hot handle holders were.The ink painting of Chester is so beautiful, like a real moment captured in time. Of course you are a Superstar!!

  5. What a fun post! I love the bag and have plenty of selvages to make one - but the idea of the selvage fabric is fabulous! blessings, marlene

  6. Great article on you - and I think you are a superstar!!!

  7. welllll my sweet...a superstar in my eyes you will always be.....I have you on my blog roll so we can all continue to cheer you on...congrats in life blessings..

  8. Wow, a true celebrity!! I already knew you are a superstar!

  9. Well done in showing the grace in change and adaptation. I love shiny black fur coats also.....mine of course is feline and is really chocolate brown in the sunshine, but I do love dogs too.

  10. Wonderful gifts! And what a great profile. I think though you'd be keeping the young people of Zetland young, wouldn't you?

  11. How cool! Your own superstar write up. The portrait of Chester is beautiful. What a talented artist.


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