Thursday, July 31, 2014

Fashionably late - and a new Quilt Show fashion?

I'd just about abandoned the idea of writing a wrap-up post on the Sydney Quilt and Craft Show when this arrived in my Inbox. 

Well (I thought to myself) if it's not too late for a sophisticated soul like Molli Sparkle to do a post on  how he made and used his cute mini quilt / sash at the show, then who am I, a card-carrying member of the glitterati, to beat myself up over being just a tad late to the party?

I've been itching to cut into my FQ bundle of Emma Jean Jansen's Terra Australis, but I'm waiting till Terra Australis 2 is released shortly and I can add some of her extra colours to my fabric palette. 

For now, however, I gave that itch a little scratch by snipping off some teensy weensy pieces of said Terra Australis to foundation paper piece a name tag with my Instagram handle so any of the Sydney quilters I 'play' with on Instagram but haven't met in real life might identify me and say 'hi'.

The 'wing span' of each of those flying geese is approximately 1/4 inch, so I can safely say I still have oodles of my special fabric left.

My name tag worked! Apart from catching up with old friends like Jen, Sel, Michelle, Lissa Jane, Heather, Lisa, a couple of Sues (and more), the lovely Louisa and Lorena recognized me too, as did the delightful Molli, seen here helping our group of three Di's and a Sue take a #selfiewithsparkle

Sue Miller, of Fabric Garden, the 'fabric enabler' from whom I bought my Terra Australis bundle, had plenty to tempt us, and Di B, Sue M and I happily scrambled to sign up for her 6 month Mini Quilt Club using patterns by Julie Herman (Jaybird quilts). We also came home with Jaybird Quilts' Hex 'n' More rulers in both the full size and the mini. Sue's stall was an absolute delight!

A few new fat quarters from here and there might ... (ahem) ... have come home with me too.

Helen Godden had me dreaming of owning a Sweet Sixteen quilter after her fabulous demonstration, but unless I win the lottery that won't be happening any time soon.

And with next year's St Luke's fundraising stall already on my mind I bought patterns from Cameron - James Designs to make the adorable Digby the Dog and Stripes the Cat. It was so hard to choose from this wall of cuties!

I didn't receive permission from Paddington Patchworker Isabella Klompe to share her quilt until after I had done my previous post on Quilt Show favourites, so here it is now, a pretty fantasy in black and white.

And did I mention fashion? Here's the selvedge skirt I made to wear on the first day.

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery then my friend Linda, who inspired me, can take a big, deep bow. 

Her Name Dropper skirt, which she made to wear to the AQS Quilt Show at Paducah earlier this year, was A line, but I felt a straight, pencil skirt might look better on me.

Before I started I sorted my obscenely large collection of selvedges into colour piles. I'd decided on a rainbow colour scheme, with the full spectrum running across both the front and the back.


In a similar fàshion to Linda I sewed selvages together, end to end, to get strips of each colour long enough to reach from waistline to hem. When I use selvedges I like to leave at least half an inch of coloured fabric attached.

From my commercial straight skirt pattern I cut 3 base pieces from some neutral yardage that had been in my cupboard for ages. Since it was going to be covered up the pattern wasn't important as long as it was pale enough not to show through.

I started from the side edges, working in, covering the base fabric with selvages. To help keep my strips relatively straight up and down I pressed a seam down the centre of the front piece, and used my tape measure to measure and pin one selvedge at a time all the way down before machining.

For the two back skirt pieces I used the centre back edge as a guide to keep my selvedges straight, until the base pieces were completely covered with selvedges.

I sewed as close as possible to the neat edge of the selvedge, being careful to cover and catch the raw edge of the previously sewn selvedge underneath.

Once all three skirt pieces were covered I turned them to the reverse side and trimmed off the excess selvedges to make them the exact size and shape of the pattern pieces. Then I sewed darts, inserted the back zip and finished the skirt following the pattern instructions, with just one variation - I left the waist of the skirt without a band attached, and simply trimmed off the hem edge to a suitable length. Then I bound both the waistline and the bottom edge of the skirt using a nice black Japanese fabric whose origin escapes me right now.

In keeping with the selvedge theme, when Di B and I went back the next day I wore the selvedge Stable Bag that I made last year. Selvedge overload? Quite possibly!

Let me leave you with one final colourful pic from the quilt show, the brilliant sunset we enjoyed as we waited at Glebe Island, footsore and happily weary, for the ferry to take us home.


  1. Di I love your skirt - I would never have thought of a pencil skirt - you really came up with a great idea there - the name tag is really neat too.

  2. Di, your skirt and bag are fabulous and look so wonderful. Looks like you had an amazing time at the Show, so glad you enjoyed it.

  3. Well done on the skirt! I love Isabella's quilt - it is such fun.

  4. absolutely love your skirt...really is an amazing piece of functional art piece...

  5. Oh! I ADORE your selvage skirt! It looks simply smashing on you. The pencil shape perfectly suits your slender figure. The best part of it is the way you planned the color progression. I'm terribly impressed with you! I'm sure you were a show-stopper yourself, at that show. How many people asked to take your picture? And then took a picture of your skirt and not your face?! That happened to me often! Ha, ha. Of course, I love the Stable Bag too. Can't wait to see the next selvage project taking shape in that darling head of yours.

  6. Di, I simply ADORE that skirt! It's smashing on you. The pencil shape perfectly suits your slender figure, and the color progression makes it even more wonderful. I'm terribly impressed, as I am sure lots of other show-goers were. How many times were you stopped and asked, "Can I take your picture?" And then... they took a picture of your skirt?! That happened to me often! Ha, ha. Of course, I love the Stable Bag too. Can't wait to see what the next selvage project will be from that clever, darling head of yours.

  7. Di, I absolutely love, love, love your selvedge skirt! What a clever idea and thanks for your step by step photos of how you made it. I think all the colours in it look great. 💐😊

  8. Oh, you clever girl! I'd love to see you and Linda together in our adorable skirts. Maybe my grand daughter, Lula, could join you while wearing the one I made for her!! You would would be stopping traffic, I'm sure!

  9. Adorable post, Di! the Name Dropper skirt is super fun in pencil-style--thanks for sharing your quilty creations!
    --MIchele Duffy

  10. Love, love, love your name badge. :) And the skirt and the bag! I've got two small bins of selvedges and can't decide what to make but I think you've inspired me. blessings, marlene

  11. Great name badge, the geese are tiny. The skirt looks great too. You are lucky to be dainty so you don't require as many selvages as I would, and skirts suit you too.

  12. Just found your blog. Have become your latest follower.


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