Sunday, December 8, 2013

It's a wrap

First there was the quilt.

Then the phone case.

Then the luggage tag.

Now (tadaa!) meet my newest creation, wrapping paper featuring my Daisy a Day quilt!

My 15 foot roll arrived in the mail on Friday and I couldn't be happier.

Well, actually I could, because today Zazzle has 30% off absolutely everything and my Daisy a Day wrapping paper would have cost me a lot less :-)

Never mind, you can take advantage of this great discount to order Daisy a Day gifts from my Zazzle store, QuiltMe, or indeed anything at all from the entire Zazzle site.

Just use the code: FRIENDSFAM13 at the checkout.


  1. love the quilt - I made a Joseph's Coat last year and it is on my bed right now - like the products that you show.

  2. Wow Di, that's amazing. Everything looks so fabulous, love, love, love them. Hoping all is good with you. xx

  3. Di, you are a one-woman industry......well done!

  4. Well, if I was to pick one quilt that was worthy of becoming a phone case, luggage tag or gift wrap, it's definitely this one. The only thing you haven't done yet is turn it into tennis shoes (how cool would THAT be?!) or Spoonflower fabric. This is one really cool quilt that deserves to be morphed. Great stuff!

  5. I just love this quilt Di - I know I've said that before but honestly, I just love this quilt! blessings, marlene


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