Friday, December 6, 2013

Coming up for air

Sorry I've been a little quiet of late, dear reader.

My creative voice has been somewhat muffled because I've been buried under a monumental pile of paperwork and admin tasks and a tad too often the sun has set on my day before I've had time to complete all the tasks on my To Do list.

Life's events have slowed down my productivity and the words just haven't flowed as easily. Perhaps you know the feeling?

Let me give you a quick glimpse of what's been keeping me smiling in spite of everything.

I've been...

Having fun…
…making a gingerbread village with the Princess when she came for a sleepover.

…apple slice and other sweet treats for some visitors.

…not to leave the leftovers on the coffee table while I go outside to farewell my guests.

I wonder who "tidied up" for me while I was gone? I couldn't be cross with him, though, when he showed me this "sorry" face.

…with my friends at our latest class with Blue Mountains quilter Lyn Alchin.

Their Laurel's Stars quilts are looking so gorgeous, aren't they?

Di B was so keen she's finished her quilt top already - Oh, what a feeling!

…a rather depleted English Quilt Group for the first time in my new home.

Circumstances prevented Gail, Rae, Anne, Robbie and Wendi from being here, but it was fun to catch up with two of our travellers, Lyn and Jill, and hear tales of Mediterranean cruising and travels in Turkey (from Lyn) and traversing Russia via the Trans Siberian Railway (from Jill).

I love visiting exotic destinations vicariously through my adventurous friends!

Jill's making steady progress hand quilting this spectacular Mariner's Compass quilt for her daughter.

For a change from quilting, Lyn was crocheting granny squares in vibrant colours for a rug.

…Di B and our friend Jane use safety pins to sandwich the quilt Jane's making for her daughter, another lucky girl.

We introduced her to the nifty Kwik Klip, a finger-saving tool we'd never be without for a job like this.

…my little balcony garden.
My lime tree loves its new home and has a healthy crop of fruit, the diplodenias are climbing high, and the petunias, snapdragons, pelargonium and orchid brighten my day with their bold colours.

Being blessed

…with new readers. My balcony garden's not the only thing that's been growing.

May I extend to you a warm welcome if you're a reader who's started following my blog as a result of seeing Snippets 'n' Scraps featured in October's Down Under Quilts.

The name of my blog says it all. I write about the snippets 'n' scraps of my life - quilts my friends and I are making, the joys of being a grandma, travel, photography, as little cooking as I can get away with, and settling into a new home and the next stage of my life after my husband's sudden death last year. 

Every day I'm conscious of God's blessings to me, but sometimes, when life throws me a curve ball, I can't help asking God "Why?".

I don't think He holds that against me :-)


  1. Di, life has a habit of getting in the way sometimes, doesn't it? Just when we thought everything was going smoothly......your balcony is a joy, and your little gingerbread village-making girl (and Chester!) are highlights in your life.

  2. Oh my friend Di! You've tapped the nail on the head. We all have moments when we ask God, "Why?" I don't like to admit that I've been doing the same thing about health problems. I sure do like this post though, as it's really nice to see the variety of people and activities in your life that are keeping you going. Hi Di B; Hi Jill; Hi Lyn! Your princess is so pretty; your Chester so sheepish-looking (cute!); and your flowers so pretty. I has to be a great effort to create a balcony garden, hauling up soil and plants. I'm impressed. Most of all I'm so proud of you for being featured in the magazine article! Believe it or not, another Australian quilter-friend scanned the piece and emailed it to me. Thank you for the kind acknowledgement, my dear. You deserve the recognition, especially for Daisy a Day. You're doing a fine job of staying the course, in spite of the challenges you face each day. Continue to be strong in the Lord.


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