Tuesday, August 20, 2013

August Photo a Day Digest [1]

Since it’s been the most significant event to happen to me in the last month,  today’s photos are mostly associated with my big move. Apologies for the couple of shots I’ve used previously, but I think they’re worth another look Smile.

Day 1 – Something beginning with N. Nuts!Day 1 - Something beginning with N

Day 2 – Incomplete. My bed half-deconstructed on moving day.

Day 2 - Incomplete

Day 3 – Skyline. I enjoy this view every evening from my new abode.Day 3 - Skyline

Day 4 – Fresh. Flowers to welcome me here.Day 4 - Fresh

Day 5 – Early. Early sunshine on my street.Day 5 - Early

Day 6 – This means a lot to me. Friendship.Day 6 - This means a lot

Day 7 – A sign.Day 7 - A sign

Red rose Di

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