Sunday, January 9, 2011

Di + Di + Linda + Linda = The Bowtie Quilt

[We didn’t plan it this way. Really!]

Just as there were two Di’s involved in the making of Ian’s ‘hands across the Pacific’ Bowtie Quilt, there were two Linda’s as well – Linda Hungerford in Des Moines, Iowa, and another Linda closer to home here at West Pennant Hills in Sydney.


Every quiltmaker knows ‘it’s not a quilt until it’s quilted’ – and here’s Di B with our very talented friend Linda Billett of Artisan Quilting, in whose hands our humble quilt top became a work of art.

She machine quilted it beautifully with a deep blue thread which became a jaunty feature against the white-on-white background.


Since Ian is a musician, choosing a quilting design was super-simple once we spotted this music pattern in Linda’s catalogue.


  I can almost hear the tune these notes are playing – and it’s definitely a light and bouncy one!




Thanks a million, Linda B.

I think we have a winning formula here!


  1. That's such a fun quilt, obviously liked by its new owner! Any more collaborative quilts in the works?

  2. What a neat quilt and so much fun to make, I am sure!


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